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ThingamaKid was created by a husband and wife team. Matt is a veteran music producer. Matt’s multi-Dove award nominations and winning talents as a writer, producer and arranger come to life in this new fully animated series of Kid's singalong classics. Krystal his wife, creative partner and a mom of three has spent her life around many kids. She loves reading, music and exploring the imagination of children. Before raising their own kids, she spent many years as a pediatric nurse at a Children's Hospital. Their lives together have been about kids and for family.

A Note from the creators..
“It is our goal to take the few moments of time moms might need, to get a meal ready or do a small task around the house, and provide children with an enriching musical or educational moment. Music, reading and other great educational arts do not have to be a trade off when toddlers view the television. It is our goal to let the screen be an engaging time for a limited experience during the day.” Says Matt Huesmann, creator of Thingamakid.
In addition, we would like to build a rich and useful website resource for moms and kids. We thank you in advance and hope that Moms like you will spread the word about ThingamaKid and continue to support products like ours. We know you care the most about your child and we want to be there to help.
Blessings and Life to you and your family,
Matt and Krystal Huesmann Creators of ThingamaKid LLC Franklin, Tn.
Please feel free to write anytime. We will try to personally answer all of you as best as possible.

A History of Music Moms Love!

Matts unique music talents of writing, arranging, and producing have appeared on some of the most successful kids brands on the market. These include Cedarmont Kids Music, VeggieTales singalong series, EMI Kids Worship Faith titles, Pat The Bunny, Kids Picks Hit Mix series and many other well known national selling childrens products.

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